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OVERBOARD plays anything from classic party songs to alternative to oldies and adds their own interpretation (nothing is off limits) to every song.

Flipper, the kilt wearing front man, lead vocalist, and guitarist has more energy than anyone in the room and makes sure that everyone is exhausted when the show is over.

At first glance “The Admiral”, on bass and vocals, seems innocent enough, although on stage the opposite is true. His swaying “instrument” lulls the audience into a false sense of security and that is when he lowers the boom.

Larry (lead guitar/vocals) He got his nickname “LSD”, because he is such a trip on and off his guitar!

Bobby Gizzi (keyboards/sax/vocals) is the virtuoso of the band. There is nothing he can’t play and whenever he touches the keys and sax, the stage lights up!

Mike DeAngelo (drums/vocals) adds a solid beat so you all can dance and if you listen to him closely you’ll catch bit of comic relief in between his backing vocals.

OVERBOARD will play parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, and funerals…wherever there are people who want more then just to dance. A common sight at most shows would be willing victims downing shots for each letter of the band’s name (last one standing wins of course), or scantly clad women flooding the stage just to dance with the boys and be a part of the show!!! OVERBOARD is a spectacle! OVERBOARD is a party! OVERBOARD is where you want to go, so….... Go Ahead And Jump…………… ……….OVERBOARD!!!

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